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CS Coleman

Joomla! developer, at your service. I'm an LA native, LAMP stack developer that works with Joomla!, Wordpress, and Drupal websites. Maintain, update, migrate, and complete installation, setup, and configuration.

At interphaseMedia, we work with technology. Proven platforms and development methods that integrate core cutting edge implementation. Leveraging process capability, while minimizing risk, at interphaseMedia we constantly strive to outperform where our closes competitors are light years behind us. Maintaining an edge in a global marketplace will be the benchmark of growth potential, in sectors both private, and public. We anticipate maximizing potential opportunities that may arise for some investors with the vision and resources to realize some increase.

Stay in The Loop with Wordpress

Are you in The Loop? IN case you hadn't heard, the loop is one of a Wordpress programmer's best friend. Although to most of us, we are blisfully unaware of its invisible presence, its always there, running, serving up hopefully fresh content But to savvy designers and programmers, knowing when and where to strategically place this little snippet of code, can dramatically increase the performance and visual impact of any presentation. That is...assuming it's done right! Anyways, here it is:

<?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

Wordpress Theming and Warp

At interphaseMedia we have long admired the grace and simplicity of theming Wordpress with the Warp Master template. Its basic building blocks approach provides an easy-to-understand, yet elegant, framework, while maintaining a fantastic degree of scalability. Excellent choice for building a top-down application, from scratch, and excellent customization structure.